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The AI Pre-Meeting

September 17, 2024 12:30-15.30 Akea Lounge, Olympia Directions

Accelerate the use of AI in the public sector – together with AI Sweden and DigIT Hub!

AI Sweden, DigIT Hub, and the City of Helsingborg invite you to an exclusive pre-meeting as part of Impact Innovation Summit in Helsingborg, focusing on the application of AI in the public sector. Two keynote speakers from the summit will also participate.

The adoption of AI in the public sector is progressing too slowly; it’s time to ramp-up the roll-out. According to DIGG, annual savings in the public sector with AI could reach up to 140 billion SEK, equivalent to about 6% of the public budget… and that was before ChatGPT was launched.

With the major welfare challenges we face; new thinking and technological innovation is required. Our mission is clear: increase the number of AI solutions being implemented in the public sector and maximize their potential.

By bringing together leading AI experts with key stakeholders and decision-makers, we create a platform to find ways to make AI implementation easier in practice. We will work with support of colleagues from AI Sweden’s three areas of focus: AI technology, AI application, and the AI ecosystem, in an intensive workshop that maps AI opportunities in your particular organisation.

Two of the keynote speakers at Impact Innovation Summit, Chelsea Collier, Founder of Digi.City, and Fábio Duarte, Principal Research Scientist at MIT, will also participate in the workshop to inspire with concrete examples and guidelines for our work ahead.

Take a step into the future with us and make AI a daily reality for the public sector. Together, we can create a more efficient and sustainable future for everyone.

Register for the AI Pre-Meeting by using your code when you buy your ticket. Lunch is included in the meeting.

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